Martial Arts Classes

In the noise of the world....
We teach our students to be still.
In the face of negative peer pressure...
We instill the confidence our students need to do the right thing.
In our interaction with our students...
We teach them humility.
In a world of “do what feels good”...
We help our students to understand self-control.

Our classes are designed to help students develop “mind, body, and spirit”. The classes incorporate physical fitness, character development, and leadership training.

Class Schedule

Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays during the afternoon and into the evenings. Contact Us to find out specific times and which class best fits you.

DayTimeLocationClass Type
Monday, Thursday1:00pm - 1:55pmSouth BendFamily Class (Ages 7+)
Monday, Thursday2:00pm - 2:55pmSouth BendFamily Class (Ages 7+)
Monday, Thursday3:00pm - 3:55pmSouth BendFamily Class (Ages 7+)
Monday, Thursday5:00pm - 5:55pmSouth BendFamily Class (Ages 7+)
Monday, Thursday5:00pm - 5:30pmSouth BendLil’ Lions (Ages 4-6)
Monday, Thursday6:00pm - 6:55pmSouth BendFamily Class (Ages 7+)
Monday, Thursday7:00pm - 7:55pmSouth BendBlack Belt Class
Monday, Thursday8:00pm - 8:55pmSouth BendKenpo-Jitsu/Judo
Tuesday5:30pm - 6:30pmSister LakesFamily Class (Ages 7+)


Class rates are $69 per month for a single person and $138 per month for a family. Registration is a one time fee of $80 and $40 for each additional family member. Belt testing is $35 for colored belt ranks. If you are interested in taking classes but are worried about the cost talk to us about our scholarship program.

The first class is always free!